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Flexible Pipe Connectors

Explore our extensive range of Flexible Pipe Connectors, tailored to meet the diverse needs of plumbing applications. Our collection covers a wide array of fittings and lengths, ensuring that you'll find the perfect solution for any connection requirement.

Our fittings include:

  • M8

  • M10

  • M12

  • Push Fit

  • Push Fit with Isolation Valve

  • 15mm Compression

  • 15mm Compression with Isolation Valve

  • 1/2

  • 1/2 Elbowed

  • 3/4

  • 3/8

We also offer these connectors in the following lengths:

  • 100mm

  • 150mm

  • 200mm

  • 300mm

  • 400mm

  • 500mm

  • 600mm

  • 900mm

  • 1000mm

Each of our connectors is crafted with precision and quality, promising enduring performance and ease of installation. To explore our full collection, we invite you to download and view our comprehensive catalogue.

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